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 Jenny Fisher

Art Therapist,




Group Facilitator


Welcome! I’m thrilled that you’ve found your way here.

Life can be challenging, and the path ahead can seem uncertain. Whether you’re navigating through a major life change or feeling unsure about your next step, I’m here to guide you and illuminate your journey forward.

With creative processes, we’ll tap into your inner resources, uncover your strengths, and pave the way for growth and authenticity.

I will walk alongside you, providing valuable resources, artful techniques, and transformative tools that will serve as maps for your inner world. Together, we’ll embark on this exploration of growth and self-discovery!

Art Therapy

Are you feeling lost and overwhelmed by life? Discover your hidden gifts and uncover the tools to navigate through change with my individual art therapy sessions. Using guided creative process, you will experience a gently transformative journey towards self-discovery and personal growth.

Workshop Facilitator

Want to learn new skills, or gain greater personal awareness or develop a shared understanding in your team, I have the processes that can help you achieve these goals.


 Need a guide to build your confidence or bounce ideas, to explore possibilities or seek out essential resources, I will walk beside you to find your best self.


Facilitating groups, leading teams or designing workshops and programs, I have the templates and tools that will help you unlock your skills and resources.  

Creativity, Leadership and Being Present

Creativity, Leadership and Being Present

This is the speech I gave to the 2019 Canteen Leadership Festival on the topic of Creativity, Leadership and Being Present. My time volunteering and working with the staff and young people of Canteen, the organisation that supports young people affected by Cancer is a career highlight for me.

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