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Welcome to my world of healing and transformation through the power of art and creativity.

I’m Jenny Fisher, an Art Therapist, Social Worker, and Workshop Facilitator, deeply committed to guiding individuals, teams, and groups through transitions and change.

By tapping into their inner wisdom and accessing their individual and group resources, we create inclusive and healing outcomes together.

Creativity has always been my compass, leading me to joy and fulfillment. From my early days of writing a family newspaper, the Fishers’ Express, with my sister, to exploring various artistic mediums like screen printing and quilting, I have found endless inspiration on this creative journey.

Today, my heart finds solace and belonging in nature’s embrace, amidst the trees, rocks, and peaceful surroundings. As an avid photographer, I strive to capture dreamy, painterly, and impressionistic images that speak to the soul.

Writing, too, holds a special place in my heart, as I venture into poetry, fiction, and copywriting. In fact, a secret dream of mine is to complete my crime novel set in rural NSW, featuring a social worker protagonist dedicated to fighting for social justice and advocating for the most vulnerable in the community.

With my extensive experience in senior management, I have honed my skills in fostering effective communication. Every voice deserves to be heard, and I make sure to create a safe space for collaboration and meaningful contributions, whether it’s within a small team or a larger community.

Drawing from my background in social work and the arts, I bring a unique blend of skills to every workshop, interaction, or consulting assignment. Whether you’re seeking mentorship for personal growth, a facilitator for your team meeting or community program, an individual art therapy session, or professional development opportunities in groupwork and art therapy, I am here to support you on your journey.

Reach out today, to discuss your needs and create a personalized plan. Let’s join forces and embrace the transformative power of art and creativity to navigate life’s transitions and create positive change.

My qualifications: Bachelor of Social Work, Advanced Diploma Transpersonal Therapy (Art Therapy), Diploma in Leadership using Expressive Arts and Groupwork, Certificate IV Training and Education, Executive Certificate in Positive Psychology Coaching (Leadership), Graduate Will Schutz Human Element Program Leadership (Personal Growth in Organizations).

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