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My name is Jenny Fisher and I am an Art Therapist, Social Worker and Expressive Arts Facilitator. I work with individuals, teams and groups using creative arts practices to navigate transitions and change, to access your individual and group resources, to find the inner wisdom required to design an inclusive and healing outcome.

All of my life, I have found joy in creativity whether it was writing a family newspaper, the Fishers’ Express, with my sister when we were in primary school, performing in school plays, teaching myself to screen print while at university, learning quilting with my best friend in our 40’s or now dabbling in gelli-printing and collage for sheer pleasure.

I have worked in a range of settings, hospitals and community mental health, local government, university and non-government organisations. I also spent 10 years managing my husband’s highly successful audiological company. Currently I am a part-time lecturer and assessor with the College of Complementary Medicine as well as the director of my private practice Heartfull Creative Therapy and collaborator with Kellie Miles of Art of Life Courses.

Growing up in country NSW, I have had a lifelong love of nature and a strong affinity with the land. I feel most connected and at peace when I can spend time with trees, rocks and quiet spaces.

When I am not working, I am a keen photographer who creates photos that have a dreamy, painterly, impressionistic quality. I am also a writer who dabbles in poetry, fiction and copywriting. I have a secret dream of completing my crime novel set in rural NSW where the main character is a social worker who believes in social justice and fights for the needs of the community’s most vulnerable.

With years of working in senior management, I have honed my skills in facilitating communication, be it between colleagues or with customers. Whether the group is small or large, in person or online, in a workshop or team meeting, I will make sure that everyone is heard and their contribution is valued.

With extensive experience in a diverse range of sectors, and a background in social work and the arts, I bring a unique blend of skills to every workshop, interaction or consulting assignment.

If you are looking for a mentor or guide to help you build your skills, a facilitator for your team meeting, or community program or an individual art therapy session, or professional development opportunities in groupwork and art therapy, reach out and I can offer you a complementary session to discuss your needs and make a plan.

My qualifications

  • Bachelor of Social Work
  • Advanced Diploma Transpersonal Therapy (Art Therapy)
  • Diploma in Leadership using Expressive Arts and Groupwork
  • Certificate IV Training and Education
  • Executive Certificate in Positive Psychology Coaching (Leadership)
  • Will Schutz Human Element Program Leadership (Personal Growth in Organisations)
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