Collage is a process of creating a picture using found images. We use collage in art therapy as one means of expressing our inner wise self on the page. In therapy, we often give the client a prompt such collage a dream experience or connect with your inner wise self and see what emerges or create a vision of your ideal life or collage your emotions.

I love collage. It is one of my favourite art forms. I have long admired those creative people who use collage in a random, non-traditional, non-conformist and creative way.

I have a cupboard full of magazines that I have collected over the years for use by clients and students in art therapy sessions and groups. But more and more I am drawn to search for more images online especially when I am working on a theme. Pinterest is a wonderful source of inspiration for my collage works.

Working in the online space due to Covid, I have been exploring ways of creating digital collage. When I was volunteering at Canteen, some if the staff talked about working with teens using PowerPoint for collage. Digital Collage is a great tool for people who love working on their computer, iPad or phone.

Recently I have been experimenting with Canva. I love using the remove background tool to create images that can be layered just like cutting paper and using glue.

However today I discovered Free Mix– an online collage tool and it is awesome. Thank you Shelley Klammer for pointing me towards this online resource.  I love using the random tool where the program produces ideas & images adding to the spontaneity of the process. I am playing with the tool, gradually noticing how I am opening to possibility.

Less constrained by conventions. Less concerned about making something look good. And being open to new ways of looking and seeing. I highly recommend giving digital collage a go.


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