As we approach February, I invite you to continue your journey of self-discovery and creative exploration around your word for this year.

In January, we identified our chosen word and explored it by delving into its various meanings and synonyms. Then created art around the word.

  • How did this exploration guide your creative expression?
  • Did you find new meanings that you hadn’t considered before?

My exploration of SPACE took me into so many areas, like personal space, breathing space, negative space, outer space, open space and I am intrigued to see how the words and images shape my year. As always, I have started a Pinterest board to inspire me.

Now, as we transition into February, let’s deepen our connection with our chosen word by incorporating the wisdom of quotes, song lines, and sayings into our creative process.

 February’s Task: Infusing Wisdom through Quotes and Song Lines

For February, let’s take our exploration to the next level by integrating the wisdom of others into our artistic process. Quotes, song lines, and sayings have a unique way of encapsulating profound truths and emotions. By incorporating these external expressions into our work, we invite a dialogue between our personal journey and the collective wisdom that surrounds us.

Step 1: Curating Inspirational Quotes

Begin by collecting quotes that resonate with the essence of your word of the year. Seek out wisdom from poets, philosophers, and individuals who have shared profound insights about similar themes. The quotes you choose may evoke emotions and thoughts that resonate with your personal connection to the chosen word or simply invite curiosity.

Step 2: Exploring Song Lyrics

Music has a powerful way of conveying emotions and experiences. Explore songs that capture the spirit of your word of the year. Whether it’s a line from a favourite song or the chorus of a tune that speaks to you, allow the lyrics to inspire and influence your creative process.

Step 3: Integrating Sayings and Proverbs

Cultural sayings and proverbs often carry timeless wisdom. Research sayings that align with the essence of your chosen word and consider how they can complement your artistic expression. These age-old expressions can add depth and cultural resonance to your work.

 Step 4: Art Inspired by Words

This month let us connect with universal truths. Infusing our art with the wisdom of quotes, song lines, and sayings allows us to bridge the gap between our individual experiences and the collective consciousness. Create an art piece or two that incorporates the words and lines that you have found with a creative expression to explore your word deeper.

Step 5: Journal about your Experience

Looking at your found words, your art pieces, journal about the experience.

  1. What surprised you?
  2. What are you curious about?
  3. What do you feel in your body, as you explore your word?
  4. What is one thing you are inspired to do now that resonates with your word?
  5. What is your intention about this process going forward?

As February unfolds, let the words of others and your art and creativity, inspire you to action.

Create a dialogue between your personal exploration and shared wisdom, allowing your chosen word to resonate with yourself, your community and the collective. In this fusion of self-expression and collective insight, may your art become a testament to the beauty that arises when individual journeys converge with the universal human experience.

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