This is a great exercise to connect with our own hidden and unrecognised qualities and values. 

First do a simple relaxation process, focus on the breath, let go of outer issues and concerns.

Then bring to mind someone you admire (in my case I thought of two people) and focus on what you admire most in that person / those people.
For me I loved that they were
* curious
* spirited
* fun-loving
* tender
* smart
* intuitive
* strongly independent
* connected to nature and the country
* in tune with people
* accepting of difference
* compassionate
among other qualities

Then create a collage that reflects this list of qualities

Next allocate a star rating to those qualities that are developed in me. 5 stars to those qualities that are fully developed in me.

Surprise surprise what we value in others is what we value in ourselves. Some qualities are already more developed in me and some I wish to keep working on in the future.

A great exercise to create a sense of appreciation of those we admire as well as ourselves.

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