Exploring change through creativity 

Coaching and Consulting

Helping people, teams and businesses move from ideas to action

From time to time, we all get stuck and need help to clarify a goal, set out an achievable action plan or brainstorm a new direction.

I’ve worked

  • with teams to redesign their work flow or set goals for the next year or five,
  • with individuals to identify a new career direction or work through a period of change and,
  • with businesses to inject some energy into a project or develop a strategic plan.

Whether facilitating a large group or working with a small team or individual, I use fun and creative tools that create energy and result in action.

Work with me to set goals and create a plan to achieve your vision

Words and Stories

Words and metaphor make an engaging story. Even better when it has a hidden meaning that helps you resolve an issue.

From time to time, life throws up a challenge that seems overwhelming or difficult, you can use story writing to find a resolution or new way through this process.

Perhaps you need guidance or tools to help find your way through fairytale, myth and the magic of metaphor, I can help you create your own tale.

On the other hand, you can tell me what you love in your life and the issue you are struggling with and I will write you your very own metaphorical story.

Check out my blog for some of my metaphorical stories and send me an email if you would like to connect.


Taking impressionistic photos, making art using collage and paint, expressing emotion through creativity are ways I explore my world.
There is no end to the possibilities of how art can enrich your life.
I facilitate workshops using creativity to explore your world, whether team building using paint and clay or exploring grief and loss through art or making a vision board for your dreams.
Work with me to make the most of your creative ideas and my experience.

I came to Jenny after working with a number of other coaches around my business and I wasn’t entirely sure she would be able to help me. However, from our first meeting, she showed me how to breakdown my business into the areas I wanted to fix and create a game plan to attack these areas. After a month of working with her, I have seen my efficiency around work improve significantly and my website is looking 100% better then where it was before. I’ve been very happy with the speed of results we have achieved and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in the next few months
Nick Allen

Owner and Head Trainer, Big Picture Personal Training

Jenny has been working with Hear-Clear for almost a year. She has done an excellent job articulating our key features as a business on our website. In a concise and creative manner, she has written regular articles informing our prospective clients about hearing issues. In addition she has communicated about our focus on friendly service and heightened awareness of our business in the local community. Throughout this, Jenny has demonstrated her years of experience for which the Hear Clear team are extremely thankful.
Katie Rahman

Owner and audiometrist, Hear-Clear Australia

Ready to act

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