Exploring change through creativity 

Art Therapy and Counselling

We all experience times in our lives when we aren’t sure what to do; times when life has thrown us some big challenges, like loss or change or upheaval, or we are juggling too many demands and responsibilities and feel like we are drowning, or we feel stressed out, anxious and overloaded. This is the time to reach out and ask for help.

Using Art Therapy and Counselling I can offer you acreative way to explore your life experience. Sometimes, you just don’t have the words. You don’t need to be artistic, in fact it is better if you aren’t. the process of creative expression can be cathartic and revealing. I offer you the choice of medium; clay, crayon, photography and collage. All doorways to explore your unconscious, the source of your inner wisdom.

Session Fees: $120 for 1 hour

Discounts available for CCM students

Workshop Facilitator

Whether you want to learn some new skills or gain insight for personal development or create a more cohesive team, group workshops are an effective way to participate and engage.

Whether facilitating a large group or working with a small team or teaching courses, I use fun and creative tools that create energy and result in action.

Whether navigating grief and loss through art making or creating your team vision for the next year or exploring your connection to nature, I can design and deliver a workshop that will work for you.

I offer professional development opportunities through The Transpersonal Soul Space as well as create bespoke courses to suit your needs.


Whether starting out as an emerging practitioner or still a student, having a mentor or guide can help you find your own path.

My approach is to work with you at your own pace, exploring possibilities and options as well as offering ideas and resources from my own experience working with different client groups.

I know and understand that feeling of being unsure or fearful of stepping into your own power. I can walk beside you as you forge you own direction.

Session Fee: $120 for one hour

Discounts available for CCM students


After four decades of working with groups in small business and corporate settings, in hospitals, community organisations and not-for-profits, I am passionate about helping you learn the skills you need to facilitate an inclusive and effective group.

I offer individual sessions as well as professional development workshops where you can learn the theory and hone your practice skills as a facilitator and group leader.

I came to Jenny after working with a number of other coaches around my business and I wasn’t entirely sure she would be able to help me. However, from our first meeting, she showed me how to breakdown my business into the areas I wanted to fix and create a game plan to attack these areas. After a month of working with her, I have seen my efficiency around work improve significantly and my website is looking 100% better then where it was before. I’ve been very happy with the speed of results we have achieved and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in the next few months
Nick Allen

Owner and Head Trainer, Big Picture Personal Training

Jenny has been working with Hear-Clear for almost a year. She has done an excellent job articulating our key features as a business on our website. In a concise and creative manner, she has written regular articles informing our prospective clients about hearing issues. In addition she has communicated about our focus on friendly service and heightened awareness of our business in the local community. Throughout this, Jenny has demonstrated her years of experience for which the Hear Clear team are extremely thankful.
Katie Rahman

Owner and audiometrist, Hear-Clear Australia

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